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Mistakes Were Made: Just How Strong Is the COVID Liability Shield?

A lawsuit in Knoxville, Tennessee has pitted a patient’s family against a hospital. The question at hand: is the nurse, who committed a medical error, protected by a federal COVID-19 emergency order? Read More



Do I Sue the Nurse or the Doctor for an Incorrect Drug Dose?

Incorrect dosages of prescription medications can cause many problems for patients. Read More
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A recent study found that “serious safety vulnerabilities persist” in the use of electronic health records. The study reviewed safety performance over the span of ten years, from 2009-2018. .. Read More


n a world where we can monitor how many steps we take or calories we consume, as well as the location of our children and even the speed at which they drive, it would seem that a carefully monitored and safe system for administering anesthesia would exist... Read More


You go the Emergency Department complaining of the worst headache you have ever experienced. The physician asks only a few questions, performs a cursory exam, and prescribes an injection of Dilaudid (opiate medication) 2 mg IV (intravenous). You are “observed” in the emergency room for 45 minutes. At the time of discharge, you are too “out of it” to sign your discharge papers, and a friend is called to give you a ride home. Your wife finds you the next morning unresponsive... Read More


Medication Errors A lot of critical information is found on medication labels.  But the bottles the medicine comes in are only so big. So what would you do if you are required to keep adding medical information to your packaging, but you only have a limited amount of space?  Well, you ... Read More



They Lie!

October 13, 2016 / Medication Errors, Negligence
They Lie! Dr. Lars Aanning lied. He lied under oath at a medical malpractice trial over two decades ago.    He says this lie has haunted him. I bet it has haunted the loved ones of the patient who died even more.  But no mention of that by this now retired doctor ... Read More


Doctors Play a Vital Role in Prescription Opiate Overdoses Doctors continue to prescribe even after overdose One would think surviving an unintentional prescription opioid overdose would be a wake-up call prompting you to make changes in your life. You certainly wouldn't think a doctor would continue to prescribe opioids — e.g., hydrocodone ... Read More
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Prince, Another Victim of Opiates? Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard the news that Prince recently passed away. Suspicions about Prince’s health were raised when he recently cancelled a concert in Atlanta, and his plane had to make an emergency landing in western Illinois on April 15. What ... Read More
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What Your Primary Care Provider Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt You Is your PCP reluctant or unwilling to refer you to a specialist? When you need a physical, or you’re feeling under the weather and suspect something just isn’t right, you probably contact your primary care provider (PCP) to be evaluated. Hopefully, you don’t ... Read More


“I could have just died from embarrassment” takes on a whole new meaning The startling results of a recent medical study reveal that a surgeon’s rude remarks to his surgical team can lead to decreased performance and sometimes death. The Rudeness Impact Randomized Trial Most of us were taught at a young age ... Read More


The Importance of Effective, Respectful Communication with Your Doctor It is easy to overlook your doctor’s poor bedside manner. After all, his or her medical knowledge and expertise is what you are ultimately relying on, not demeanor or conversational skills. However, it is important not to discount the role of effective ... Read More


The nursing home industry in Ohio and nationally has likely felt a bit besieged the past few years by recurrent media stories focusing on substandard and sometimes even abusive care. Industry principals, home owners and ... Read More


Question: When you're truly ailing, where do you go to get better? Answer: Not necessarily the hospital. In addition to all of the evidence that has emerged in ... Read More


Readers of this blog know the potential mistakes that can arise if a doctor or hospital fails to perform a thorough intake of a patient and/or maintain accurate medical records. Drug errors, which are a leading cause of medical malpractice lawsuits, are ... Read More


Early diagnosis of cancer can greatly impact a patient’s chances of recovery. Although other variables must be factored into the equation, such as the type of cancer, the risk of metastasis generally increases over time. For that reason, doctors are expected to ... Read More


Although a doctor’s duty of care to a patient may begin with a diagnosis, it certainly doesn’t end there. At every point in treatment, a patient should understand the potential benefits and risks associated with each procedure or medication. A patient also ... Read More


A physician anesthesiologist and medical contributor for Fox News Channel recently wrote an article on how the health-care field can reduce instances of preventable errors by learning from the aviation industry. First, the anesthesiologist served ... Read More


We live in a world with countless prescription drugs that help us to live longer, healthier lives. But, as most people in Ohio and the rest of the nation know, prescription medications can be just as dangerous as they are helpful when ... Read More


Most medical facilities throughout Ohio and the rest of the country have either made their health records electronic or are in the process of doing so. The common belief is that electronic health records are not only more organized and complete, but ... Read More


Each year, countless people in Ohio are harmed by medication errors, and according to a new study published online this week, senior citizens may be particularly at risk. The study revealed that about 20 percent of the prescriptions primary care providers write ... Read More