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Cleveland Malpractice Attorneys Fight for Compensation When Heart Attack Victims Are Misdiagnosed, Resulting in Injury or Death

Heart Attack Lives can easily be lost when doctors ignore the signs of a heart attack

There are many reasons why a doctor might miss the signs of a heart attack, and many of those reasons constitute medical negligence. At The Eisen Law Firm, we use all of our resources to get to the truth and recover justice for patients that did not receive the medical treatment they deserve. We have helped victims of misdiagnosis and malpractice in Cleveland, Akron, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo and Northeast Ohio recover compensation for negligent heart attack treatment since 1976.

How do doctors negligently miss the signs of a heart attack?

A physician might fail to order a full cardiac workup when a patient complains of chest pain. A doctor might confuse heart attack symptoms with indigestion, heartburn or gastric ulcer. Sometimes a doctor won’t consider the possibility of a heart attack because the patient appears too young or physically fit to match the profile of common heart attack victims. Misdiagnosis under these conditions is especially common in the failure to diagnose heart attacks in apparently healthy women.

In order to succeed in a lawsuit for failure to diagnosis heart attack, it is not enough to show the doctor “missed it.” We must prove through medical experts that the failure to make an accurate diagnosis resulted from a failure to observe recognized standards of care. Additionally, we need to prove a causal link between this failure and harm to the patient. That typically means we must show that if the correct diagnosis had been made, the outcome would have been better. In a case where the patient dies from a heart attack, we have to prove that proper diagnosis would have led to proper treatment, and proper treatment would have saved the patient’s life.

Failure to treat heart attack symptoms can also amount to negligence. This can take many forms. An emergency room physician might decline to admit a patient undergoing cardiac arrest. A primary care doctor might fail to send a patient to a heart specialist. A heart surgeon might make a critical mistake during a procedure to open blocked coronary arteries (angioplasty), or might downplay and fail to address signs or symptoms that the angioplasty failed.

How has the Eisen Law Firm made a difference for Cleveland families that have suffered due to medical malpractice during a heart attack?

We have achieved million-dollar awards (both by settlement and jury verdict) for families whose loved ones died due to failure to diagnose and treat heart attack. With experience in complex medical malpractice cases that goes back to 1976, the attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm work with nationally prominent cardiologists, heart surgeons, emergency medicine specialists, and primary care physicians to make sure that we can satisfy our burden of proof on your liability and damages claims. We limit our caseload to make sure that every client we work with can benefit from our careful attention and thorough approach to developing and presenting your case.


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It is saddening how many preventable tragedies occur every year because doctors make inexcusable mistakes when patients are showing heart attack symptoms. Our Cleveland medical malpractice attorneys have committed our careers to seeking justice for these victims and their families. Call us today at 216-687-0900 or can to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your rights as a malpractice victim. We have been helping injured victims and families recover the compensation they deserve in Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and throughout Northeast Ohio for almost 40 years.