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Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Cleveland Recover Compensation for Victims of Anesthesia Mistakes

You have the right to be in good medical hands when you go under anesthesia

Anesthesia errors are a frequent source of medical negligence claims. This is because anesthesia mistakes often result in decreased oxygen supply to the patient, which in turn can result in respiratory and cardiac arrest. When a patient stops breathing (respiratory arrest) or their heart stops (cardiac arrest), it can be very difficult to resuscitate the patient. A delay in resuscitation can lead to brain damage; failure in resuscitation leads to death. The Cleveland anesthesia mistakes attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm successfully recover compensation for victims and their families when anesthesiologists make mistakes that lead to injury or tragedies.

How do anesthesiologists make mistakes leading to malpractice claims?

Anesthesia negligence can occur before surgery, when the anesthesia plan is developed; during surgery, when the anesthesia plan is carried out; or after surgery, when the patient is awakened and taken to the post-anesthesia care unit (the “P.A.C.U.”).

It is the responsibility of an anesthesiologist to examine a patient before surgery and to develop a plan for the administration of anesthesia. This is sometimes done in collaboration with a certified registered nurse anesthetist (a “C.R.N.A.”), but the anesthesiologist, who is a physician, ultimately is responsible for the plan. A plan may be inappropriate for a particular patient. For example, a plan may call for a medication to which the patient has a known allergy. Or, it may call for a level of sedation that is more than is needed under the circumstances. Generally speaking, patients should not be sedated or paralyzed during surgery any more than is reasonably necessary for the safe and effective performance of that procedure.

During surgery, the anesthesiologist often leaves the operating room. This is surprising to many patients, but it happens frequently. When the anesthesiologist leaves the room, a nurse anesthetist is left in charge. That anesthetist is then responsible for carrying out the anesthesia plan. Included in this responsibility is the duty to make sure that the patient isn’t over sedated. Sometimes a patient will slip into a level of sedation that is deeper than intended. When that happens, a patient who is not intubated (with a tube down the trachea providing oxygen from a machine) may stop breathing or may not breathe enough. If the anesthetist fails to recognize what is happening and to correct the problem quickly, the patient can die.

Why do victims of anesthesiologist mistakes in Ohio come to our law firm?

The Eisen Law Firm has handled several cases of anesthesia negligence. Sometimes, the errors are evident, but most of the time it takes real expertise to determine what exactly happened during the administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia records can be difficult to interpret, and some of the key records are stored in the anesthesia machines themselves (and not printed out or made part of the medical chart). These records frequently are withheld by hospitals, even when the patient or her attorney asks for “complete records.” Accordingly, it is critical to retain a law firm such as The Eisen Law Firm that has significant experience in anesthesia negligence cases.

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