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Compassionate Attorneys in Cleveland Helping Newborns with Brain Injuries Get the Long-Term Treatment and Resources They Need

Holding doctors accountable for causing brain injuries to newborns

Brain injuries affect about three in 1,000 babies born at full term in the United States. One half or more of these injuries are associated with oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery (“birth asphyxia”). Newborn brain injury is called “neonatal encephalopathy.” Babies with neonatal encephalopathy often show a decreased level of consciousness or seizures in the first few days of life. They also frequently have breathing difficulties and poor muscle tone and reflexes. Sometimes they have decreased APGAR scores at the time of birth. They often have additional problems with other organs. Our medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm help Cleveland families get through these difficult injuries and protect the future interests of your child. We combine our medical knowledge with unparalleled attention to detail to connect the dots and prove the cause of your child’s brain injury.

Proving causation of brain injuries to newborns

It can be very difficult to determine the cause of a newborn’s brain injury. Causes can include genetic factors, problems with the placenta, maternal infection, or stroke. Sometimes, however, the cause of a newborn’s brain injury is lack of oxygen at birth due to medical negligence.

Babies with brain injuries face a lifetime of challenges — physical, cognitive, and emotional. Families of such children also face a lifetime of challenges, including astronomical medical and associated expenses.

Why does the attorney you hire make a difference in the compensation your newborn receives?

Litigating medical negligence cases involving newborn brain injuries is extremely time consuming and expensive. Attorneys must devote significant resources to such cases. Experts typically must be hired in many fields: obstetrics, obstetrical nursing, neonatology, pediatric neuroradiology, pediatric neurology, placental pathology, genetics, rehabilitation, life-care planning, and economics. This is necessary not only to prove the cause of a neonatal brain injury, but also to refute the theories that inevitably are brought up by the attorneys who represent doctors and hospitals.

At The Eisen Law Firm, we have the experience and expertise necessary to handle all aspects of newborn brain injury litigation. We have access to top-notch experts, and we are ready, willing, and able to devote the time and resources necessary to fully evaluate and litigate such cases.


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