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Too many patients die each year due to preventable mistakes made my hospitals and doctors

Surgeons often tell patients, “don’t worry, this is a routine procedure.” But, to a patient, no surgery – indeed, no hospital visit – is routine. And for good reason: more than 400,000 people die each year in the hospital from preventable medical errors. (This number doesn’t even include injuries; only deaths!) People suffer unnecessarily when doctors make mistakes and ignore their training. The personal injury attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm in Cleveland have been helping victims and families throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, and Akron find justice from negligent doctors since 1976.

Where do the most serious preventable injuries occur in Ohio hospitals?

Many preventable errors happen during surgery or in the post-operative period. In some cases, surgery shouldn’t have been recommended in the first place. In others, the surgery is poorly performed, whether by a seasoned surgeon or a student trainee (a “resident” or a “fellow”). Sometimes, there is a preventable anesthesia mistake. Often there is a post-op complication such as bleeding or infection that is not diagnosed or treated timely. All of these errors can lead to permanent disability or death. The Eisen Law Firm reached a confidential settlement in a case resulting in the death of a patient after a colo-rectal surgery when the hospital made a mistake to discharge the patient early.

Errors during surgery and the post-operative period represent only a fraction of the errors committed in hospitals. Many hospital errors are the direct result of poor communication between nurses and doctors and among the various different doctors caring for a patient. Doctors and hospitals need to work harder and smarter to reduce preventable errors.



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