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Malpractice Attorneys in Cleveland Representing Victims of Mistreated Increased Intracranial Pressure

Brain Intracranial pressure can cause irreversible brain damage

Increased intracranial pressure (“ICP”) is a rise in the pressure inside the skull that can result from or cause brain injury. ICP can be due to a rise in pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid. This is the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. An increase in intracranial pressure can also be due to a rise in pressure within the brain itself. This can be caused by a tumor, bleeding into the brain or fluid around the brain (hydrocephalus), or swelling within the brain itself from infection or other causes. These injuries can cause death with doctors fail to treat them properly. Our medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm in Cleveland make sure that ICP victims are compensated when doctors and hospitals acted irresponsibly, causing injury.

Recognizing signs of increased intracranial pressure

An increase in intracranial pressure is a serious medical problem. Increased pressure can damage the brain or spinal cordby pressing on important brain structures and by restricting blood flow into the brain. Symptoms of ICP include drowsiness, vomiting, headache, behavior changes, lethargy, vision changes, seizures, and in infants bulging of the soft spot (fontanelle) on the head.

How can doctors act with medical negligence when patients have increased intracranial pressure?

A sudden increase in intracranial pressure is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. Prompt treatment frequently results in a better outcome for the patient. Unfortunately, doctors sometimes miss the diagnosis of ICP, and as a result the pressure in the brain increases to the point where the patient is irreversibly brain- damaged or dies. This happens most often when a doctor fails to ask the right questions in taking the patient’s “history,” or fails to order appropriate testing.

At The Eisen Law Firm, we have the expertise to review medical records and determine whether ICP was misdiagnosed, and we have the ability to seek justice and compensation for individuals and families affected by preventable injuries caused by failure to diagnose ICP.


Medical malpractice lawyers in Cleveland offer free initial consultations to victims suffering from increased intracranial pressure complications

When someone suffers irreparable harm after a doctor improperly treats ICP, it is tragic. The Cleveland malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm recover compensation for victims that suffer injuries due to medical neglect.We offer free initial consultations, so call us today at 216-687-0900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys. . We help clients throughout Northeast Ohio, including: Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, and Akron.