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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorneys Seek Justice for You After a “Never-Event”

Recovering compensation for victims of events that should never happen

The term “Never Event” was introduced in 2001 by Ken Kizer, former Chief Executive Officer of The National Quality Forum (“NSQ”). He used it to refer to shocking medical errors (for example, wrong-site surgery) that should never happen. Since then, a list of Never Events has been maintained by the Forum and updated periodically.

A Never Event now refers to an adverse event that is serious and largely preventable, provided that adequate patient safety measures are taken. In other words, a never event is something bad that happens to a patient that should never happen. The occurrence of a Never Event is almost always the result of medical or hospital negligence. Accordingly, Never Events often result in the filing of medical negligence and wrongful death lawsuits. The medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm have held hospitals accountable for Never Events in Cleveland and throughout Ohio since 1976.

What are the most common examples of Never Events in Ohio hospitals?

Never Events include things such as surgery on the wrong body part, retained foreign objects, contaminated drugs or devices, in-hospital suicide, medication errors, maternal or neonatal death during or after a low-risk labor and delivery, falls resulting in serious injury, development of late-stage bed sores (pressure ulcers), serious injury due to failure to communicate test results, and injuries from burns and restraints. See full list here.


Surgical events

Product or device events

Patient protection events

Care management events

Environmental events

Radiologic events

Criminal events

When a Never Event occurs, someone should tell the patient or the patient’s family. A thorough analysis should be done by involved doctors and hospital personnel so that steps can be taken to ensure the event is not repeated. Unfortunately, when hospitals do an investigation, they usually keep the investigation secret. Worse, doctors and hospitals regularly withhold critical information about what happened and how it happened. Instead of disclosing the event to the patient and taking responsibility for the negligence, doctors and hospitals routinely take a different approach. They deny, deny, and deny. And then, they deny some more. Attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm can help you cut through the wall of silence that often is built after a Never Event.


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