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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorneys Represent Parents with High Risk Pregnancies

Delivery complications shouldn’t affect your right to compensation

High-risk pregnancy complications occur in only 6 to 8 percent of all pregnancies, but if it happened to you, it’s important to understand your legal options in a malpractice case. The idea of a high-risk pregnancy seems to absolve medical professionals of their responsibility for the situation, but if you received negligent or inadequate medical care, the Ohio medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm can help you prove your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Every pregnancy has its own challenges, and every delivery comes with risks of complications, but there are specific cases which are considered as “high-risk” pregnancies. A high-risk pregnancy is any circumstance which increases the odds of injury to the mother or child, particularly during delivery.

It is important to be aware of whether your pregnancy is high-risk, as it may affect your course of legal action in case of a birth injury. In most cases, women who are in high-risk pregnancies should be evaluated by a specialist in “maternal-fetal medicine.”

Proving negligence in a high-risk pregnancy claim

High-risk pregnancies come with inherent dangers, but those dangers do not mean that you cannot claim damages if something goes wrong. High-risk conditions like those listed above are well-documented and studied in the medical community. Each has recommended procedures and treatments to be followed.

If your doctors or nurses fail to identify a high-risk condition, or do not react properly to your condition, causing injury or death to the mother or child, then they are at fault. You have right to sue for compensation in the event of this failure on the medical professionals’ part. An experienced malpractice attorney can help hold accountable those at fault and can help you get the financial support you deserve.

At The Eisen Law Firm, our Ohio medical malpractice lawyers only focus on malpractice and have an impressive record of medical malpractice case success. Count on our knowledge and experience to build the strongest case possible for your claim, and help you secure the compensation you deserve. Call us at 216-687-0900 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We serve clients in Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and all of Northeast Ohio.

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Our sympathies go out to the loved ones that suffer through the aftermath of suddenly losing a loved one from an aneurysm. It is even harder for families to learn that their loved one did not have to die were it not for the negligence of the physician or hospital they trusted. The Eisen Law Firm personal injury attorneys uncover the truth about whether medical malpractice occurred. We fight to recover compensation for victims and families. Call us today at 216-687-0900 or to schedule a free consultation.