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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Cleveland Recover Compensation for Patients Whose Medical Records Have Been Altered or Destroyed

Hand In Medical Blue Glove Touching Modern Digital Tablet On X-r Altered or destroyed medical records endanger patients

When someone is seriously hurt or killed due to medical negligence, the proof typically is found in the patient’s medical records. But what happens when the medical records have been altered or destroyed? And do doctors and hospitals really alter and destroy records?

Regrettably, doctors and hospitals do sometimes alter and destroy records. And they do so in order to hide the fact that they were negligent and to avoid being held accountable for their actions. When someone is caught altering records in order to escape liability and avoid accountability, a lawsuit can be brought for “spoliation of evidence.” If that suit is successful, the person or entity that altered or destroyed the evidence can be made to pay both compensatory damages (to compensate the victim) and punitive damages (to punish the wrongdoer and deter similar conduct in the future).

At The Eisen Law Firm, we have access to sophisticated experts in handwriting analysis, forgery, and computer forensics, who can detect evidence of altered or deleted records. Even in this era of electronic medical records, experts can tell if a record has been altered, when it was altered, and by whom (by reviewing the “audit trail” left when such changes are made).We have successfully pursued cases involving altered records (called spoliation of evidence) at the trial level, on appeal, and in the Ohio Supreme Court.


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