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Cleveland Birth Injury Attorneys Fight for Babies Who Suffered Seizures

Parents should understand when a physician’s negligence triggers a seizure

A baby’s seizure is a terrifying event for a new parent to witness. Neonatal seizures are those that occur in babies who are less than four weeks old. Approximately 3 babies of every 1,000 births will experience a seizure. A majority of these seizures are provoked by certain conditions—many of which can be avoided with proper medical care. At The Eisen Law Firm, our Cleveland medical negligence attorneys ensure physicians are held liable when their negligent actions cause seizures in babies.


What causes seizures in babies?

Seizures may have a number of different causes. These may include:

Any one of these conditions may trigger a seizure in a baby. Babies that are premature or have a low birth weight are also at increased risk of experiencing a seizure.

A physician’s negligence may lead to one of these underlying conditions. If medical negligence occurs during pregnancy or labor, the baby is at a heightened risk of developing complications that may trigger a seizure.


How do you know if your baby has a seizure?

New parents often wonder if what their babies are doing is normal. Many newborns exhibit twitches or erratic motions at one point or another, and these are perfectly normal. In fact, tests must often be conducted to determine if a newborn has had a seizure because they can be quite subtle. The symptoms include:

Babies that exhibit these symptoms should be brought to the attention of medical personnel immediately.


What impacts can a seizure have on a baby?

If a newborn baby experiences a single seizure, the odds are good that the baby will not suffer any long-term problems. However, seizures that are prolonged and go untreated for a period of time may cause permanent issues. Many seizures slow the amount of oxygen that flows to the brain, and excessive brain activity is detected as well.

Babies whose seizures are a result of underlying complications may develop other disorders, such as cerebral palsy and mental retardation.


What should you do if your baby has a seizure?

If your baby has a seizure, after you obtain medical treatment, you may want to request copies of all medical records and associated bills. Keep these organized in a folder or notebook.

If you suspect that your baby’s seizures are related to a failure to timely diagnose or treat your baby — or if you are just unsure — you may want to consider contacting an experienced medical negligence attorney. An experienced medical negligence attorney can analyze your baby’s medical records and other evidence and determine whether the carelessness of a physician or medical facility contributed to your baby’s seizures.

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