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Where Is Our T.V. Commercial?

You will not see the attorneys of The Eisen Law Firm, Co., L.P.A. on a television commercial. You will not find a three-page color ad in your local phone book, and no radio talk show host will be paid to sing our praises while talking sports. We’ve even tried to keep this website as low-key and informational as possible. It isn’t that we can’t afford marketing bells and whistles. We just feel that the “cost” to victims is – in our opinion – too great.

The medical malpractice law offices of The Eisen Law Firm, Co., L.P.A. views lawyer advertising as a “necessary evil.” We understand why some firms insist on bombarding the public with non-stop commercials or multiple pages of phone book advertising. After all, volume practices must keep up the volume (of cases and of advertising). And these firms have every right to advertise. We believe that all of this advertising unfortunately has harmed victims of medical malpractice, as it has contributed significantly to the very negative perception lawmakers, voters, and – most importantly – jurors have of attorneys who represent victims and, therefore, of the victims themselves.

Our cases do not come from advertising. They come almost exclusively from other lawyers through word of mouth. These lawyers have either seen us in action or have heard about us from other lawyers who have. And they trust us with their friends, relatives, and clients. We are grateful for that trust.

We know our colleagues who rely on advertising as opposed to professional referrals may criticize our position. We want to reiterate that lawyers do have the right to advertise and to advertise heavily. We just believe that sometimes what we have the right to do, isn’t necessarily the right thing to do. We believe that our focus should be on providing the best representation to our clients, instead of trying to find new clients to represent. In the end, we are confident that our approach helps us maximize our clients’ recoveries.