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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyers Helping Parents Make Sense Out of Asphyxiation During Childbirth

Bringing understanding to parents who have had a child with birth asphyxia due to medical negligence

“Asphyxia” means lack of oxygen. “Birth asphyxia” is when a baby’s brain and other organs do not get enough oxygen before, during, or right after birth. This can happen without anyone knowing. Without oxygen, cells cannot work properly. Waste products (acids) build up in the cells and cause temporary or permanent damage. Our medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm in Cleveland offer compassion and legal guidance as you search for an explanation to your child’s birth asphyxiation. When medical negligence is the cause, we fight for your child to get all of the care and compensation they deserve for their suffering.

Common causes of asphyxia during birth

Some causes of birth asphyxia are:

Understanding birth asphyxia

Birth asphyxia occurs in about four of every 1,000 full-term births. It may be even more common when babies are born prematurely. The amount of harm to the baby depends on the length and severity of the period of low oxygen. This means that prompt recognition of the problem and immediate, proper treatment is critical to the outcome.

Babies with mild or moderate asphyxia may recover fully. Babies whose cells did not get enough oxygen for a longer time may have permanent injury to their brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, bowels or other organs. These injuries can be mild but often are devastating. Among the most severe injuries are cerebral palsy and, sometimes, death.

Cleveland medical malpractice attorneys help families through the aftermath of birth asphyxia

The attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm have worked with the families of several children who have had birth asphyxia. In some cases, the asphyxia was due to failure of a doctor to recognize that severe bleeding from the mother’s vagina was endangering the baby’s oxygen supply. Other cases have involved the failure of the “Code Pink” team to arrive at the delivery on time or to take the proper steps to resuscitate a baby that did not breathe after delivery. In another case,The Eisen Law Firm reached a $5,600,000 settlement when fetal heart rate monitors showed that the baby was suffering from birth asphyxia and doctors failed to perform a C-section.

Because birth asphyxia can be so devastating, The Eisen Law Firm leaves no stone unturned in investigating the cause of the injury and in obtaining appropriate compensation for the child and his or her family.


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Asphyxiation during childbirth is one of the most tragic things that a family can experience. There is nothing we can do to bring your child back, but we can bring justice to you by holding the people responsible for your loss accountable. The Eisen Law Firm malpractice attorneys are here to compassionately and tirelessly help you through this difficult time. Our law firm represents victims of medical malpractice in Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and throughout Northeast Ohio.

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