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To win a medical malpractice case in Ohio, you need experts and – sometimes — lots of them. In birth injury cases, for example, experts may be needed in almost a dozen different specialties.

Expert witnesses are not easy to find and hire, and they are not cheap. Because we have been handling medical malpractice cases for years, we have an extensive list of experts to call upon to assist us in investigating and pursuing your case.

We also are adept at finding the right experts for your specific case. Be it a pediatric neurologist, an interventional radiologist, a cardiothoracic surgeon, or some other specialty, we have the expertise to find and hire these doctors, nurses, and other professionals to assist us in bringing your case to trial. We don’t hire “players,” doctors who spend more time in the courtroom than taking care of patients. We go out and find the best experts for the case, no matter where those experts are located.

Finding, securing, and utilizing experts is an expensive process. Their opinions are needed to win the case, and obtaining expert opinions can take hours of the doctor’s and other professional’s time, reviewing records, writing up opinions, establishing life care plans, etc. Their time is money, and this can add up quickly. At The Eisen Law Firm, we have the resources needed to fund cases involving multiple experts, and we have a proven track record of successfully doing this for our clients. For more information about how the Eisen Law Firm can help you in your time of need please contact us online or call us at (216) 687-0900.