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Obstetrical Mistakes Can Cause Devastating Harm to Women and their Newborn Babies

Obstetrical errors are an assault on the health of a woman at a very vulnerable time

Your obstetrical care should be beyond reproach. When you are bringing new life into the world, you rely on your Obstetrician to guide and oversee what should be a wonderful time with care and competence. But when the ineptitude, inexperience or negligence of an OB doctor or his team leads to serious mistakes, this joyous occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare. At The Eisen Law Firm, we are only too aware of the shattering consequences of inadequate OB care for an expectant mother. Our empathetic Ohio medical malpractice lawyers understand what you and your loved ones are going through, and we make every effort to build your case and obtain maximum compensation without adding to your emotional burden.

Common obstetrical errors

Most OB errors are entirely preventable with the proper training, care and attention. Unfortunately, things can go terribly wrong during labor and delivery. Many of those things are the result of poor OB care. There are a number of different areas where an OB team can make inexcusable errors:

Devastating Consequences of OB errors

The extensive list of OB errors and omissions have the potential of devastating consequences, such as:

Call on leading Cleveland medical malpractice lawyers if you or your child has suffered due to obstetrical error or negligence

If you or someone you love has undergone physical and emotional trauma from an OB error with devastating effects, the lawyers at The Eisen Law Firm can help you obtain the justice you deserve. Call 216-687-0900 or contact us online and schedule a consultation to discuss your situation with a member of our team today. We care, and we can help. Our attorneys offer skilled legal representation to clients in Cleveland, Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Lorain and throughout Ohio.