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Cleveland Birth Injury Lawyers Fight for Injured Mothers

Our attorneys seek recovery for mothers who suffered serious injury or death due to HELLP syndrome

HELLP syndrome is an extremely dangerous complication that may arise during pregnancy. It is named for several of its symptoms: Hemolysis, or the breakdown of red blood cells; Elevated Liver enzymes; and Low Platelet count. HELLP syndrome most often occurs in pregnant women who have been diagnosed with preeclampsia. If left undiagnosed or untreated, HELLP syndrome can be deadly. At The Eisen Law Firm, our Cleveland birth injury lawyers know how to pinpoint if and when a medical professional failed to properly treat a pregnant woman for HELLP syndrome and to hold that professional legally accountable.

What are the symptoms of HELLP syndrome?

Symptoms of HELLP syndrome include:

Doctors are encouraged to order blood tests for pregnant women who experience any of the above symptoms in the third trimester, which is when HELLP syndrome most often develops.

Many pregnant women are killed by HELLP syndrome when their livers rupture or when they have a stroke.

HELLP syndrome treatment

HELLP syndrome often requires the delivery of the baby. However, if a woman has not yet reached the 34th week of pregnancy, doctors are advised to check the baby’s lung function to determine if delivery would be a viable option. If delivery is not an option, doctors may order:

Previously, physicians recommended C-sections to deliver babies if the mother suffered from HELLP syndrome. However, women who have reached the 34th week of pregnancy may instead be induced for an expected vaginal delivery.

Injuries caused by HELLP syndrome

HELLP syndrome may cause serious injury to both the mother and the unborn child. Possible complications include:

HELLP syndrome has a maternal mortality rate of roughly 1.1 percent and the infant morbidity and mortality rate ranges from 10 to 60 percent.

Risk factors for HELLP syndrome

HELLP syndrome is commonly misdiagnosed. It is often mistaken for gallbladder disease, bleeding disorders, or hepatitis. It is estimated that it affects 0.2 to 0.6 percent of all pregnancies. Roughly 4 to 12 percent of women with preeclampsia will develop HELLP syndrome. The following women are also at increased risk of developing HELLP syndrome:

Women with these risk factors should be closely monitored during their pregnancies.

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