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At The Eisen Law Firm, our Ohio birth injury attorneys represent children who were injured at birth due to the negligence of medical providers. For more than 40 years, our firm has recovered substantial damages awards on behalf of injured children and their families.

Many individuals who have suffered birth injuries benefit from animal therapy

Animal therapy benefits thousands of individuals who suffer from a variety of conditions. Many of the conditions that benefit from animal therapy are caused by birth injuries. Some of the conditions that benefit from animal therapy include:

If your child or another loved one struggles with one of these conditions, animal therapy may provide extensive benefits.

How does animal therapy help?

Animal therapy emphasizes the bond between people and animals. In some studies, a decrease in blood pressure, which enhances relaxation, has been noted when people spend time with animals. This is largely caused by chemicals in the brain that are released when humans bond with animals.

Some individuals who have trouble with hygiene and self-care are more comfortable addressing these matters in the presence of an animal. Discussing the grooming and bathing of an animal could lead into discussions about hygiene, for example. Therapy animals also improve the development of social cues, and their bonds with certain patients can serve as a guide for forming healthy relationships.

Most importantly, for many young children, animal therapy is not seen as therapy; it is viewed as fun. And all parents know that “fun” things get attention. Taking a young child to therapy can be difficult but taking a young child to play with animals is enjoyable. The child receives therapeutic intervention without even knowing they are in therapy. This makes both the child and the parent VERY happy.

What are the different types of animal therapy?

Animal therapy can involve a variety of different animals. The most popular animals used in animal therapy include horses, dogs, and dolphins.

Horse-assisted therapy is beneficial to many, but particularly notable benefits have been observed in those who suffer cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disorder that is often caused by a brain injury before, during, or after birth. When used with traditional types of therapy, horse-assisted therapy has been shown to reduce spasticity—or the stiff, jerky motions observed in this type of cerebral palsy—in those who suffer from spastic cerebral palsy.

Horses are used in hippotherapy (therapeutic horseback riding) in patients with cerebral palsy. While on a horse, the rider’s body moves in a way that mimics walking. Hippotherapy may improve a patient’s physical abilities, including balance, strength, and coordination. Therapeutic horseback riding also helps the mental health of many patients.

Therapy dogs are generally used in healthcare facilities and offer emotional and social support. They may be used in individual therapy as well as group therapy. Therapeutic visitation dogs are used to boost spirits and alleviate anxiety. They may also be used to help motivate individuals. Dogs are frequently used in rehabilitation centers to assist therapist in administering physical therapy. Sometimes the animal is used as a tool for the therapist: the patients work on their fine motor skills and range of motion by petting or grooming the animal.

Dolphin-assisted therapy is not as common as horse-assisted therapy or dog-assisted therapy, but it can have many of the same benefits. Individuals swim with dolphins to learn new skills while undergoing conventional types of treatment as well.

More research is being conducted on animal therapy, but at this time, several benefits have been observed. The appropriateness of animal therapy should be evaluated for potential inclusion in all life care plans for brain injured children.

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