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Premier Cleveland Medical Malpractice Attorneys Take You Through the Phases of a Lawsuit

Understanding each step toward getting compensation

According to a 2007 study by the Department of Justice, it takes an average of 27.5 months to resolve a medical malpractice case once it is filed. That number includes settlements out of court and jury verdicts. This extensive timeline may seem intimidating, but the attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm focus exclusively on medical malpractice cases, dedicating our focus and resources to helping victims of medical negligence receive the compensation they deserve. We work with you one-on-one through the entire process, from the initial consultation until compensation is awarded.

The eight phases of a medical malpractice suit

Malpractice occurs for many reasons, including negligent care, failure to diagnose, miscommunication, and failure to obtain informed consent. As a result, there are many facts which must be proven, and those facts change depending on the type of malpractice claim that is being filed. Regardless of the type of claim, however, most malpractice attorneys follow the same process as they work toward securing damages for your injuries and suffering.

Not every case proceeds precisely as outlined above. For example, in the right situation, we will seek to obtain a settlement after the investigation phase and before the lawsuit is even filed.

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A lawsuit can be a time-consuming, complicated matter, but the medical malpractice attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm assist you every step of the way. We serve malpractice victims in Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and all of Ohio. Call us at 216-687-0900 or contact us online to discuss your case and determine your best course of action to recover compensation.