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When you choose The Eisen Law Firm you get focused, exclusive Medical Malpractice representation in Ohio.

We focus exclusively on medical negligence and wrongful death cases. Why such a narrow focus? For the same reason heart surgeons don’t deliver babies: because the development of expertise requires extensive experience in a narrow field. One simply cannot become an expert in all of the law or even in all of “personal injury.” Our focus on medical negligence and wrongful death helps us maintain and advance our expertise.

We also are highly selective. We take only 5-6 new cases a year. This allows us to devote an extraordinary amount of time and attention to each case. This can make the difference between winning and losing or between full and partial compensation.

We do not send our clients to other attorneys. Other attorneys send cases to us. They do this because of our proven track record of success in settling and trying complicated medical negligence and wrongful death cases. Because we get all the business we need from word of mouth, referrals from other lawyers, and extremely satisfied clients, we don’t advertise. We simply don’t have to. You won’t see us on T.V. or billboards or buses, and we don’t have a fancy slogan or catchphrase, but people who know the industry, know and trust The Eisen Law Firm to successfully represent victims of medical negligence and wrongful death.

When you choose The Eisen Law Firm, you will be represented by highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys.

Brian Eisen, Managing Partner of The Eisen Law Firm, has a unique ability to analyze cases, and he is personally and extensively involved in every case in the office. With a degree in Neurobiology from Harvard College, he quickly understands the medicine involved in medical negligence cases and can relate the medicine to the applicable law. Mr. Eisen also received his law degree from Harvard, so you will be represented by a knowledgeable attorney who focuses on medical malpractice and who will focus specifically on your case. Mr. Eisen’s peers regularly contact him for advice and assistance on their cases and ask him to speak on medical negligence at professional conferences. They also regularly rate him and the firm as having the highest ethical standards.

Todd Gurney is likewise highly focused and skilled. He has been trained in medical negligence work by Mr. Eisen and has experience in all aspects of medical negligence and wrongful death litigation. Mr. Gurney is a life-long Ohio resident who was drawn to the firm because of its exclusive focus, which allows for the development of substantial expertise.

When you choose The Eisen Law Firm you get experienced trial attorneys.

Some lawyers and law firms are afraid to go to trial. They talk a good game, but they always settle. And defense attorneys and insurance companies quickly learn which firms will try cases and which firms won’t. Those that won’t typically are offered a lot less in settlement negotiations than those who will take the case to a jury verdict. At The Eisen Law Firm, we are not afraid to try cases. We are trial lawyers, and defense attorneys and insurance companies know it. We work up every case as if it is going to be presented to a jury. And when our clients agree to settle, it’s out of strength, not weakness.

Our focus and selectivity means that if we had to try every single case in the office, we could do it. There are very few law firms in Ohio that could make that claim. Of course, our ability to evaluate and thoroughly litigate cases — along with our willingness to try them and our track record at trial — means that most of our cases are in fact resolved prior to trial. The fact that we are true trial attorneys drives our ability to obtain excellent results — in or out of court.


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