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Cleveland Injury Attorneys Recover Compensation for Treatment of Birth Injuries After Medical Negligence

Treatment Therapy Choosing the right treatment or therapy for a particular birth injury

The protocol for treating a birth injury depends on a variety of factors, including the type and severity of the birth injury and the preferences of the parents. Some — such as cephalohematoma and most fractures — will heal without treatment, while others may require intense treatment or a combination of treatment methods to treat effectively. Whether due to an unavoidable consequence of childbirth, or a medical error or negligence, an injury incurred during labor and delivery can lead to a lifetime of care and expenses for which a family may be ill-prepared and unable to afford. The Ohio birth injury attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm in Cleveland work hard to ensure parents receive the compensation and resources they need to treat their child’s birth injuries.

Surgical treatments for severe birth injuries

Severe birth trauma may require surgery to ensure an infant’s survival or to avoid paralysis or other long-term consequences, such as:

Medications for treating the symptoms of birth injuries

Medications used for treating particular symptoms of birth injuries include:

Various treatment options are available

Who is responsible for the treatment and therapy costs of birth injuries?

Nearly one half of birth injuries are preventable if medical personnel properly recognize and anticipate obstetric risk factors. When such risk factors go unnoticed, however, medical facilities, doctors and other medical staff can be held liable.

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