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Attorney Referrals and Co-Counsel Arrangements in Ohio

At the medical malpractice law firm of The Eisen Law Firm in Cleveland, the single most important source of our work has been referring attorneys. We have established a reputation for highly skilled and ethical representation in difficult cases, and we welcome inquiries from lawyers whose clients need the advice of counsel who can meet all of the demands of complex medical negligence litigation.

All terms of an attorney referral or co-counsel relationship with The Eisen Law Firm are flexible. One of the main variables is the level of involvement your firm wants in an Ohio medical malpractice case. We’re prepared to work in a close collaboration with referring attorneys or as trial attorneys with lead responsibility for all aspects of the engagement, as well as every degree of cooperation in between.

Whatever the terms of an attorney referral arrangement turn out to be, The Eisen Law Firm works in strict compliance with applicable ethics rules and on terms of full disclosure to your client. We can also serve as trial counsel or consulting counsel for medical malpractice cases venued in other states.

There are several important advantages in working with The Eisen Law Firm on medical malpractice litigation. Most obvious is our track record of success in these cases since 1976, together with the network of consulting relationships we’ve developed with medical experts over the last 30 years.

Another important advantage is our practical ability to commit the resources necessary to get the most out of a promising case. We work with lawyers who have accepted medical negligence cases only to find themselves in a quandary: they don’t want to settle a case for an insufficient amount, but they are unable to advance the money necessary to firm up expert evidence on the points that will support a seven-figure demand. The Eisen Law Firm can help an emerging practice cross that threshold.

For more information about our approach to attorney referrals and co-counsel relationships in Ohio and around the United States, contact our office in Cleveland.