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Wrongful Death Lawyers in Cleveland Exercising the Rights of Those that have been Forced to Endure Tragedy

Wrongful death occurs whenever anyone’s negligence takes the life of another

Wrongful death lawsuits are not limited to suits that stem from the negligence of doctors, nurses, and hospitals. In fact, many wrongful death lawsuits stem from automobile accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and workplace accidents. These cases are often – though not always – less difficult to prove than cases involving professional negligence, as the connection between the accident and the death in “accident” cases is often more obvious. The Cleveland wrongful death lawyers at The Eisen Law Firm have handled countless wrongful death cases since 1976. They have recovered seven and eight figure compensation settlements and verdicts to help the grieving families get justice and security for their futures.

Bringing wrongful death lawsuits in Ohio on behalf of a loved one

As with professional negligence cases, wrongful death cases from accidents must be brought by someone who has been appointed by the local probate court as either the administrator (if there is a Will) or executor (if there is no Will) of the estate of the person who died. Although the lawsuit is brought by the administrator or executor, it is brought for the benefit of the decedent’s entire family, and any family member who has been injured as a result of the death may be compensated for his or her injury.

The Eisen Law Firm’s wrongful death attorneys are committed to the most challenging cases

At The Eisen Law Firm, our wrongful death attorneys have handled many cases involving death from vehicle accidents and workplace injuries and have the expertise you need to handle a complex wrongful death case. Generally, we don’t handle cases involving routine car crashes. There are many competent attorneys to handle those cases. But if a collision results in severe, permanent injury or death, we can help. Our experience with complicated medical issues and cause-of-death analysis can make the difference between a win and a loss, or between partial compensation and full compensation.


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