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Professional Negligence of an Early Hospital Discharge Causes Wrongful Death Following Colo-Rectal Surgery.

Confidential Settlement

Mrs. J underwent a colo-rectal surgery at a large hospital. Following surgery, she was advised that everything had gone smoothly. The first few days of her post-operative recovery also went smoothly, so the wheels were set in motion to discharge her from the hospital. The evening before she was supposed to be discharged, however, she began vomiting. Notwithstanding this change in her condition, she was sent home as planned.

Over the next 24 hours, Mrs. J continued to do poorly and her condition rapidly became worse. 9-1-1 was called to her home, but by the time help arrived, Mrs. J was non-responsive and could not be resuscitated.

Mrs. J’s husband hired The Eisen Law Firm to investigate. By meticulously combing through hundreds of pages of medical records, we were able to show that Mrs. J should not have been discharged from the hospital in light of her change in condition. We developed a case-specific theme involving the difficulty of stopping the discharge process in this hospital once it had begun. We likened it to a large train that is very hard to stop once it is set in motion and has built up some momentum. A lawsuit was filed, and a confidential settlement was reached during litigation.