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How to Use Information to Improve Health Outcomes

There is no doubt that access to information is at an all-time high. Instead of having to open an encyclopedia or go to a library, we can ask Siri what the weather is like in another country, crowdsource a good restaurant on social media, or google the latest news and politics. Read More


Even with health care systems available, they are not always easy for patients to navigate and get the help the need. Better organization and follow-up appointments can help patients receiving care... Read More


Picture the following scenario: you’ve had stomach pain for months and all remedies have failed. Finally, your physician orders an MRI to review detailed images of your organs in order to diagnose what ails you. You get the scan, and then you wait. And then you wait some more... Read More


Blood pressure is related to many significant health conditions. For that reason, the American College of Cardiologists (“ACC”) and the American Heart Association (“AHA”) are constantly collecting (and sharing) data on blood pressure and adverse health events. The idea is to further our understanding of the relationship between blood pressure and health, so that better recommendations can be made. Recently, the ACC and AHA jointly published their first new set of comprehensive guidelines since 2003... Read More



Popular Pregnancy Folklore

August 22, 2018 /
Even though medicine has made incredible advancements in recent decades, folklore and “old wives’ tales” are still discussed among pregnant... Read More


In a recent report published by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, the number of disabled characters in popular television shows is on the rise. In fact, more disabled characters appear on television today... Read More
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United Kingdom Implements New Program to Reduce Infant Stillbirths and Brain Injuries At the end of 2017, the United Kingdom announced a new program it will be implementing in hopes of reducing the numbers of stillbirths and newborn brain injuries that are suffered every ... Read More


Why Your Baby’s First Test is So Important: The Apgar Test The Apgar test was first introduced by Dr. Virginia Apgar in 1952. Since that time, it has been used in hospitals throughout the United States to assess a newborn baby’s physical condition at one minute and five minutes after birth. ... Read More


Doing Research with “Dr. Google” You have probably seen the coffee mug floating around the Internet that reads: “Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search with my Medical Degree.” Although many individuals may chuckle and not give the mug another thought, others find it quite bothersome. Many doctors, unfortunately, carry this attitude ... Read More


Leading Cleveland Medical Malpractice Law Firm Inspires a New Generation of Patient Safety Advocates The Eisen Law Firm is offering a $1000 scholarship to a graduating high school senior who creates the most exceptional patient safety advocacy video CLEVELAND, Ohio—The Eisen Law Firm, a prominent medical malpractice law firm, will reward a ... Read More


Steps Towards Delivering a Healthy Baby Pregnancy is an exciting, but often nerve-wracking, time for women, especially if they are first time mothers. The instant a woman announces her pregnancy, friends, family members, and even complete strangers begin bombarding her with advice on what to eat, what to avoid, how much ... Read More


The Eisen Law Firm’s medical malpractice lawyers foster advocacy in younger generations through a media production scholarship Cleveland, OH. — Attorneys at The Eisen Law Firm greatly value honest debate about medical malpractice and patient safety. They also greatly value today’s students, as among those students are tomorrow’s leaders, including ... Read More