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Will The New Ohio Supreme Court Force Victims of Medical Negligence to Sue More Doctors Personally?

There is a new ideological majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. This Court soon will decide a key medical negligence case, which may cause more doctors to be sued personally. Republican candidates won all three races for the Ohio Supreme Court, including the race for chief justice. Justice Pat DeWine...


Patients who request their medical records are legally entitled to get them in a timely manner, so why is it such a problem... Read More


Medical Negligence, My Doctor’s Initials, and an unwanted Tattoo While two patients in the U.K. may have thought about getting a tattoo, they certainly didn’t expect to walk out of transplant surgery permanently branded with the initials of a once-trusted doctor. Simon Bramhall, a formerly well-regarded British surgeon, recently admitted ... Read More


Why Doctors Must Obtain Informed Consent Although it is scary to think about having to undergo a surgical procedure, most people will “go under the knife” at some point in their lives. Whether it is as simple as the removal of wisdom teeth, or as complicated as a quadruple bypass, ... Read More
Back View Of Medic Or Doctor Lying About Hippocratic Oath


Sorry. Not Sorry. “Sorry. It’s my fault. Totally. My mistake, I wasn’t paying attention” confessed the middle-aged man after he ran a red light and hit my car. I was relieved that he accepted responsibility because the damage was in the thousands of dollars. But then he got a lawyer paid ... Read More



Dead in bed

February 17, 2017 / Negligence
“Dead in Bed” Claims on the Rise Amanda Abbiehl was a happy, energetic teenager. She had just graduated from high school and was excited to start college. One day, she came down with a sore throat. Her symptoms were so severe that she was having trouble breathing. She was admitted to ... Read More
Baby Due Date


January is Birth Defects Month—and Here’s Why Birth defects are the leading cause of newborn death in the United States   One in 33 babies born in the United States has a birth defect. Birth defects are responsible for one in five infant deaths in the U.S. As we kick off a new ... Read More
Helping hand


Shedding Light on Preterm Births Cleveland Cavaliers player J.R. Smith III and his wife, Jewel Harris, recently revealed their baby, Dakota, was born prematurely. She was five months “early” and weighed only about one pound. “We know we’re not the only family going through this, who has been through this or ... Read More
Male Young Doctor Swearing Or Having The Hippocratic Oath


The Hippocratic Oath: Past, Present, and Future The Hippocratic Oath is one of the oldest of its kind. Named for Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher who penned the oath, the Hippocratic Oath has been used in medical schools for centuries. New doctors have traditionally taken the oath upon completing their studies and ... Read More


Doing Research with “Dr. Google” You have probably seen the coffee mug floating around the Internet that reads: “Please Do Not Confuse Your Google Search with my Medical Degree.” Although many individuals may chuckle and not give the mug another thought, others find it quite bothersome. Many doctors, unfortunately, carry this attitude ... Read More



They Lie!

October 13, 2016 / Medication Errors, Negligence
They Lie! Dr. Lars Aanning lied. He lied under oath at a medical malpractice trial over two decades ago.    He says this lie has haunted him. I bet it has haunted the loved ones of the patient who died even more.  But no mention of that by this now retired doctor ... Read More


Doctors Play a Vital Role in Prescription Opiate Overdoses Doctors continue to prescribe even after overdose One would think surviving an unintentional prescription opioid overdose would be a wake-up call prompting you to make changes in your life. You certainly wouldn't think a doctor would continue to prescribe opioids — e.g., hydrocodone ... Read More
Young frustrated crazy doctor screaming very emotionally


What Your Primary Care Provider Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt You Is your PCP reluctant or unwilling to refer you to a specialist? When you need a physical, or you’re feeling under the weather and suspect something just isn’t right, you probably contact your primary care provider (PCP) to be evaluated. Hopefully, you don’t ... Read More


“I could have just died from embarrassment” takes on a whole new meaning The startling results of a recent medical study reveal that a surgeon’s rude remarks to his surgical team can lead to decreased performance and sometimes death. The Rudeness Impact Randomized Trial Most of us were taught at a young age ... Read More


The Importance of Effective, Respectful Communication with Your Doctor It is easy to overlook your doctor’s poor bedside manner. After all, his or her medical knowledge and expertise is what you are ultimately relying on, not demeanor or conversational skills. However, it is important not to discount the role of effective ... Read More


The Pervasive Problem of Securing Expert Medical Testimony for Injured Malpractice Plaintiffs Medical malpractice cases are complex, often hinging on complicated medical evidence. These cases require extensive expert opinion and testimony that can only be given by qualified, practicing physicians. However, obtaining this expert testimony is more difficult than one might ... Read More