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Do I Sue the Nurse or the Doctor for an Incorrect Drug Dose?

Incorrect dosages of prescription medications can cause many problems for patients. If a patient receives one or more doses that are too low, they might not get the benefits they need from the medication, and their condition may worsen or even become life-threatening. If a patient receives too high a dose, it could have serious side effects or even result in an overdose, which requires emergency medical intervention and could be fatal.

If you suffered injuries because you received the wrong dosage in the hospital, you deserve to recover compensation for your injuries. But who is liable? Is it the nurse who administered the medication? The supervising doctor? The pharmacist?

These are complex questions that you should always discuss with an experienced Ohio medical malpractice lawyer.

Liability for Dosage Errors

Often, it is a nurse who administers the wrong dosage of medication. However, the nurse is not always solely responsible - or possibly responsible at all - for the mistake. The following parties might be liable or share liability.


If a patient’s chart clearly states the time when the patient should receive the medication and the dosage, nurses should follow those instructions. If the chart has the right dosage listed, nurses might administer the wrong dose due to:

The nurse administering the medication might make an error, or it might be due to the prior nurse making chart-related errors. In either case, nurses might be held liable for these mistakes. In addition, the hospital that employs the nurse might also be vicariously liable for the negligence of the employee.


Sometimes, it is not the nurse’s fault at all. A doctor might prescribe the wrong dosage for a patient, and when the nurse follows the doctor’s instructions, dosage errors occur. If a doctor is supposed to be supervising a nurse and fails to check on the doses a patient is receiving, the doctor can share liability for a nurse’s error.


Sometimes it is nether the nurse nor the doctor who is at fault for the wrong drug dose. The pharmacist might be the one who gave the wrong dose or even the wrong medicine.

In many cases, a patient might need to file claims against multiple parties following injuries due to receiving the wrong dose of medication.

Recovering for Your Injuries and Losses

It is important to file claims against the proper parties since the losses from medication errors can be severe. Some effects of dosage mistakes can include:

A medical malpractice claim can seek financial recovery for medical bills, lost income for missed work, pain and suffering, and more. Not all medication errors constitute medical malpractice, but you should always have a skilled attorney evaluate your rights.

Learn How an Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

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