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Mistakes Were Made: Just How Strong Is the COVID Liability Shield?

A lawsuit in Knoxville, Tennessee has pitted a patient’s family against a hospital. The question at hand: is the nurse, who committed a medical error, protected by a federal COVID-19 emergency order?

An article in the Tennessee Lookout by Jamie Satterfield lays out what happened. A patient with a variety of health problems, including COVID-19, was admitted to the Turkey Creek Medical Center for treatment. He was placed on a ventilator to help him breathe and was making progress in his recovery from COVID-19 according to the notes in his chart.

Then, one morning, while still on the ventilator, he needed to take some oral medications to help manage his heart disease, which was unrelated to COVID. Since he was intubated, he couldn’t swallow the pills, so a nurse crushed the pills and “pumped them into his intravenous tube” when she should have administered them through his feeding tube. The patient died minutes later.

The lawsuit also claims that attempts were made to alter the patient’s medical records to show that the medications were not given to the patient. However, an investigation was performed by the Knox County Regional Forensic Center, and an autopsy determined that “’his main cause of death is acute embolization of foreign material (crushed medication).’” In other words, the crushed medications caused a blockage that led to his death. “The forensic center probe confirmed [the patient’s] death resulted from [the nurse’s] actions, not COVID-19 or COVID-19 treatment.”

Clearly, a medical error was committed that led to the patient’s death. However, the attorneys for the hospital and the nurse are invoking a federal COVID-19 pandemic order. “That order promised health care workers immunity from liability if COVID-19 vaccines or COVID-19 treatments and ‘countermeasures’ caused serious injury or death.” The lawyers have made a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

What’s in dispute is whether the federal COVID-19 pandemic emergency order protects Martinez and the hospital from liability for the error that the nurse committed when she administered the patient’s medication incorrectly.

No decision has been made at this time, but this case is bound to set a precedent for future cases involving patient care and medical errors that occurred during the pandemic. There’s a lot at stake.

Ohio has its own, separate COVID-19 immunity law that affects cases where the medical error happened in Ohio.

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