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Medication ErrorsA patient safety innovation

A lot of critical information is found on medication labels.  But the bottles the medicine comes in are only so big. So what would you do if you are required to keep adding medical information to your packaging, but you only have a limited amount of space?  Well, you could change the size of the bottle thus changing the size of the space, but that would require expensive production changes and subtract from your “bottom line.” Or, you could simply change the size of the font and use the existing bottle and packaging. Unfortunately, too often the choice is made to simply shrink the font.

And what happens when the font size is changed so that it is so small no one can read it?  Medication Errors happen.  (Slap forehead with palm of hand now.)

Critical information on medication labels is often simply too small to read.

A blind survey of health care workers revealed that almost 90% of the respondents had trouble reading the small print found on drug labels and packaging.  More than one third of the respondents were aware of either a near medication miss or an actual medication error that resulted from small fonts used on medication bottles.

One entrepreneurial nurse in Ohio knew that this was a serious problem. “Something had to be done to help the hospital staff who handle medications protect their patients from this danger,” said Janeen Jones, BSN, RN. An estimated 1.3 million Americans are injured annually by medication errors, and often these errors are a result of someone not being able to read the warnings on the label.

So our caring nurse in Ohio founded a company and created the MagniMed line of lighted magnification systems. This new system is designed to protect patients by helping hospital workers read the small print.

Medication errors should not happen, and they especially should not happen because the print on the label is too small. If a doctor or nurse makes a medical error because he or she fails to take the simple step of reading the medicine label, then you may have a malpractice claim.  The Eisen Law Firm focuses on medical negligence claims only. We would be happy to discuss your case with you at 216-687-0900.