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The right malpractice attorney will restore your faith and help you get justice for what you have suffered

As a victim of medical malpractice, you have already experienced betrayal at the hands of a professional. You trusted medical providers to help you, to take care of your medical condition, and to provide you with quality healthcare. Instead, you have been injured, suffered damages, and are likely facing long-term consequences as the result of a professional’s negligence. Now you are being asked to trust another professional – a lawyer. If you are wary, suspicious, and finding it hard to trust a professional again, it’s certainly understandable. But knowledge is a formidable defense against fear and doubt. So arm yourself with the facts, and learn how to choose a malpractice lawyer that will help you get justice and move forward with confidence, as well as obtain the full and fair compensation that you need and deserve.

What to look for when selecting a malpractice attorney

You probably have a primary care doctor. That doctor is likely a general practitioner. A generalist may be a good fit for preventative care, routine exams, and minor illnesses. But once your primary care doctor identifies a possible significant health issue, both you and your doctor should be looking for an expert, someone who has dedicated training, schooling and experience in a specific area of practice. For example, when your primary care doctor listens to your heart and discovers an abnormality, it is time to find a cardiologist, a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the heart.

Finding expertise is just as important in  legal representation.  No lawyer can adequately handle situations in every legal practice area. And you undoubtedly are looking for much more than “adequate” for your medical malpractice claim. So, your first step in selecting a malpractice attorney is ensuring that the lawyer is indeed, a malpractice attorney. Begin your search by narrowing your choices to lawyers or firms that practice medical malpractice exclusively. And make sure that you are actually dealing with the person or firm you researched, not some standin or someone to whom the lawyer you contacted sends you.


Once you’ve identified attorneys who focus solely on medical malpractice, take a closer look at the following important criteria:


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