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Knowing and Doing are Not Always the Same Thing

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has developed a National Action Plan to address concerns that current efforts to reduce preventable harm have not been successful. Even though there is ample information available about best practices for patient safety, this knowledge often has not translated into action.

According to the IHI, “reducing preventable harm requires a concerted, persistent, coordinated effort by all stakeholders, and a total systems approach to safety.”

The action plan draws on the expertise of the National Steering Committee for Patient Safety and includes 17 recommendations to advance patient safety in four broad areas:

Recommendations range from “ensuring safety is a demonstrated core value” to “including patients, families, and care partners in leadership, governance, and safety improvement efforts” to “developing shared goals for safety across the continuum of care.”

The Implementation Resource Guide, which accompanies the National Action Plan, offers specific strategies for putting these recommendations into effect. Additionally, the IHI has developed a Self-Assessment Tool to help institutions prioritize what areas they need to address.

While it is certainly welcome news that these efforts are being made, the reason why this plan is necessary – the prevalence of preventable harm that patients experience – cannot be overlooked. If you or someone you love has suffered a preventable injury, call our experienced Cleveland malpractice lawyers to discuss your options for legal recourse and for obtaining the compensation you deserve. To schedule your free consultation, call 216-287-0900 or contact us online today.