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How To Prepare For Your First Meeting With A Medical Malpractice Attorney

There are many factors to consider when preparing for your first meeting with a medical malpractice attorney. Come prepared with what you will discuss with the attorney.

You may believe you have a medical malpractice case. If so, you should contact a medical malpractice attorney and make an appointment to meet with them. This article will assist you in preparing for that meeting. The more information you can give to the attorney, the greater their ability to evaluate your case. If you are like most people who believe that they have been victims of malpractice, you’ll want to begin your legal case as quickly as possible.

Factors To Consider

There are many factors that you should consider. Don’t rely on your memory alone: dig out whatever documents and medical records you have in your possession. Speak with family members who will be able to help you remember names, dates, and medicines. Some may help you remember and describe details of your medical problems. Write down all the essential information.

For all the things you list, be aware that providing dates is of the utmost importance. When did you see a particular doctor or take a particular test or go to a hospital? When did you first experience certain problems or symptoms? An accurate timeline will assist the medical malpractice attorney in understanding your overall condition.

You should always keep in mind that the medical malpractice attorney is going to focus on two things:


A bad result does not necessarily mean that the doctor did something wrong. Procedures have risks, and medicines have possible side effects. A successful malpractice lawsuit requires more than just a bad outcome; it requires proof that the doctor in question was careless or negligent. The question to be asked, therefore, is: what did the doctor or medical professional do wrong? Although ultimately medical experts will have to answer that question, your input about what you felt was done improperly can be very valuable as the attorney begins to analyze your case.


You may have heard the saying in sports, “no harm, no foul.” That saying applies to medical malpractice cases, too. A mistake that doesn’t cause damage will not form the basis for a successful medical malpractice claim. A medical error alone is not enough; the medical error must have damaged your health. The question to be asked, therefore, is how the medical malpractice has injured you?

What To Discuss With The Attorney

Here is a list of a dozen issues that you will want to discuss with your medical malpractice attorney when you have your meeting. Like most medical malpractice cases, your case may have some unique features. It isn’t true that “one size fits all.” Nevertheless, most cases have certain things in common. Some of the factors listed below will almost certainly apply to your situation.

Be Prepared

It is vital to communicate as much detail as possible to your medical malpractice attorney. Going to your first meeting or phone call with the ability to describe your situation in an organized and orderly manner will help the attorney quickly and completely understand your situation. That said, if the situation has you overwhelmed or emotionally exhausted, and you just can’t get yourself organized, don’t worry; make the call anyway. A good lawyer can help you though the intake process.

Ohio Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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