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Brian Eisen Becomes First Attorney in Ohio to be a Board-Certified Patient Advocate

The Eisen Law Firm is proud to announce that Brian N. Eisen has become the first attorney in Ohio to be a board-certified patient advocate (BCPA). This certification is awarded by the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB), which upholds standards for patient advocacy in our healthcare system.

To obtain certification, Brian completed the Board’s rigorous certification process, which included the following:

Brian hopes this credential will help further his relentless and ongoing efforts to stand up for the rights and interests of patients at all levels of the healthcare system in Ohio.

Why Become a Certified Patient Advocate?

At the time Brian took the exam, no other legal professionals in Ohio had obtained this certification. As a dedicated medical malpractice attorney, Brian already took his role as a legal advocate for patients very seriously. Taking the steps and working to obtain certification from the PACB shows his continued commitment to patient advocacy and allows him to take this commitment to the next level.

Having this certification assures clients that Brian has a high level of understanding of healthcare and patients’ rights, and that he is fit to provide a high level of assistance for patients. He is dedicated not only to helping injured clients in litigation, but also to advocating for patients and for patient safety.

The Eisen Law Firm takes the opportunity in many medical malpractice cases to push for changed procedures and safety measures to prevent errors and patient injuries. We believe the goal is to strive for 100 percent safety during patient interactions and treatment. The goal may not be obtainable, but it is still well worth striving for. When medical negligence does occur, our firm is there to support injured patients and help protect their rights.

Many medical malpractice lawyers will claim that they are “patient advocates,” but there might not be much practical weight or meaning behind that statement. They work with patients after an injury occurred, but what steps are they taking to advocate for injury prevention and safety? Brian Eisen took additional action to obtain his certification to show his true dedication to and knowledge of what patient advocacy truly means. The time and energy he took to become board-certified demonstrates he is a true patient advocate in every sense of the word - and not just after an injury happens.

Learn How Our Ohio Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

Medical malpractice cases are complicated, and patients who suffer injuries need assistance from a law firm committed to protecting their rights. The Eisen Law Firm focuses on medical malpractice, patient safety, and patient advocacy, so it can best represent patients during and after their healthcare experience.

If you suffered unnecessary injuries stemming from healthcare, you want a true patient advocate assessing your legal options. Look no further than The Eisen Law Firm. Call 216-687-0900 or contact us online for a free case evaluation today.