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Are Organ Transplant Errors Common?

There are few medical procedures as extensive and complicated as organ transplants. To raise the stakes even higher, patients needing transplants often require them as a life-saving measure. When a patient undergoes an organ transplant, there are always risks, and patients should be fully informed of these risks. However, when someone involved in the transplant process makes a mistake, the results can be devastating or fatal.

Tragic Organ Transplant Errors

Organ transplant errors don’t happen every day. But when they do happen, these incidents are often widely reported due to the tragic results. For example, in 2018, an organ donor passed away in an emergency room in South Carolina. A man in South Carolina received the donor’s lungs, and a Tennessee man received the liver. The blood type of the donor had been misrecorded, however, and the bodies of both recipients “rejected” the organs. While the liver recipient survived (after a second transplant), the lung recipient died. This incident brings back memories of another widely reported transplant error, a 2003 blood type error that resulted in a teenage girl losing her life after a heart and lung transplant.

These are the kind of medical errors that when you learn of them from a television news reporter, your mouth drops, and you shake your head mumbling, “whaaaaat?! They didn’t double check the blood type?! Are you kidding, me?!”

Errors in the Transplant Process

Many different parties are involved in the transplant process, including:

All of these parties must work together and strictly follow procedures to prevent errors during every step of the process.

For example, it is essential that the blood type of the donor match that of the recipient; otherwise, the recipient will reject the organ, often putting them in a life-threatening condition. In the 2018 incident, the organ donor had received a massive blood transfusion during life-saving attempts by the hospital. This rendered a blood type test inconclusive.

Despite the inconclusive test, the organization that facilitated the organ match recorded the donor’s blood type as Type O, which was incorrect. They are uncertain why this happened, but it was a fatal error for one recipient.

Blood type errors and similar mistakes involving organ transplants should never happen. There should always be enough safeguards, such as requiring multiple blood tests, to prevent these errors. In most situations, the safeguards work. However, when errors go unchecked, people lose their lives.

When serious medical errors result in complications, injuries, or death, the parties that made the errors should be held responsible for medical malpractice. It is important for patients and their families to seek help from highly experienced attorneys who handle complex and high-stakes cases like these.

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