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The Eisen Law Firm - Attorneys focusing exclusively on Medical Malpractice

Medical errors and medical negligence causes more than 400,000 hospital deaths per year in the U.S.










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What Makes Us Different?


Exclusivity. We focus on one thing only: Medical Negligence. When we agree to represent you, you get a law firm that knows the ins and outs of medical negligence litigation. Why would you hire a law firm that juggles many kinds of lawsuits for your medical negligence case?

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Medical Malpractice Areas


We handle medical negligence cases literally from head to toe. Whether it’s a birth injury, a surgical mishap, or the failure to diagnose or treat a treatable condition, we have the experience necessary to assist you in getting justice and appropriate compensation.

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Verdicts & Recent Successes


Our focused approach has enabled us to earn our clients multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements across Ohio, securing binding commitments from various hospitals to change their policies and procedures to enhance patient safety. Check out our track record of success.

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Cleveland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Proving Negligence Against Ohio Doctors and Hospitals

The trial attorneys of The Eisen Law Firm have established a reputation for skill and integrity in medical malpractice litigation since 1976. Our practice is focused, highly selective, and carefully managed to ensure that every client receives personalized attention, as we work to prove the key elements of medical negligence in cases of preventable birth injuries, surgical and hospital mistakes, misdiagnosis, treatment delays, brain and spinal cord injuries, and wrongful death.

Our focus is helping medical malpractice victims receive the medical treatment they deserve

We don’t solicit clients. We don’t hang around hospitals trolling for victims of negligence. And we don’t pollute the airwaves with distasteful commercials. Instead, we focus on the work. We help our seriously injured clients tell their stories. And our reputation for integrity, honesty, and results brings people to us.

When a hospital or medical negligence insurance company learns that The Eisen Law Firm will be representing a victim of bad care, they sit up and take notice. They understand that the case is a real case and that they are in for a fight. A fair fight, but a fight nonetheless.

Because we have been focusing on medical negligence and wrongful death for so long, we have developed a network of preeminent medical experts for consultation and testimony. And medical experts are critical to the success of any medical negligence lawsuit.

We pride ourselves on providing focused, exclusive representation of seriously injured people and their families. We have handled cases of medical negligence literally from head to toe:

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If you have been injured while under the care of a doctor or hospital, we can help you figure out what happened and why it happened. And, if it turns out that a medical professional’s carelessness caused your injury, we can help you obtain justice and full compensation. The Eisen Law Firm proudly helps injured victims in Ohio to include Cleveland, Lorain, Columbus, Toledo, Akron and all of Northeast Ohio. Call us today at 216-687-0900 to speak with one of our skilled medical malpractice lawyers or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.


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