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Medical Malpractice – Urological Surgery Results in Blindness and Colostomy

A $3,750,000 Verdict was Reached

Phyllis Hutchins had a small area of weakness (called an “aneurysm”) in her abdominal aorta, one of the main arteries in her body. This aneurysm had to be repaired surgically. Phyllis’ urologist, Michael Rashid, M.D., decided she also should have one of her kidneys removed at the same time. Following successful aneurysm repair by another surgeon, Dr. Rashid tried to remove Phyllis’ kidney. Due to poor surgical technique and Dr. Rashid’s refusal to seek help from a more experienced surgeon, Phyllis lost a tremendous amount of blood. She awoke from the surgery at Toledo Hospital with impaired vision and with a permanent colostomy.

When Dr. Rashid and his partners at Genito-Urinary Surgeons, Inc. refused to accept responsibility for what they had done, The Eisen Law Firm took the case to trial. Partner Brian N. Eisen showed the jury just how Dr. Rashid caused — and then failed to control — the bleeding, resulting in Phyllis’ injuries.

The jury came back with a verdict of $3.75 million, one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in Lucas County history. The key to courtroom victory was Mr. Eisen’s cross-examination of Dr. Rashid. After Dr. Rashid tried to downplay the blood loss, Mr. Eisen showed there was enough blood to fill a bathtub – literally a “bloodbath.”