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Pre-Eclampsia – Resulting in Maternal Neurological Deficits

Confidential settlement was reached

Julie D was 25 weeks pregnant when she presented to the Labor and Delivery department of her local hospital with a headache and vision problems. Immediately, the nursing staff suspected pregnancy-induced hypertension (“Pre-Eclampsia”). When a laboratory test showed protein in Julie’s urine, the diagnosis should have been made. Unfortunately, Julie’s obstetrician never saw that test result, and an unsupervised L.P.N. was put in charge of Julie’s care and did not report the results of Pre-Eclampsia which caused maternal neurological deficits.

Partner Brian N. Eisen was recruited to prepare the case for trial and conduct the trial as first chair for another attorney who had litigated the case. After Mr. Eisen completed the depositions of the defense expert witnesses, the defense settled the case on the courthouse steps.