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Pharmacist issues sleeping pills instead of thyroid medication resulting in significant injuries

The Eisen Law Firm – Pharmacy Negligence Case Facts

Mrs. Summers had been taking thyroid medication for many years. She always went to the same local branch of a national pharmacy to refill her prescription. Unfortunately, on one of her visits, the pharmacist filled the prescription incorrectly with sleeping pills instead of her usual thyroid medication.

Mrs. Summers took the new prescription home and saw that the pills were a different shape and size compared to the previous prescription. A few days later, she returned to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist why the pills looked different. The pharmacist did not even bother to look at the pills, and simply replied that they may have come from a different supplier.

Mrs. Summers dutifully took her medication every morning as prescribed over the next three months. This caused significant harm. Taking a sleeping pill every morning for three months caused its own problems, and not taking her thyroid medication every morning for three months caused even more problems. Indeed, Mrs. Summers suffered severe fatigue, muscle weakness, drowsiness, confusion, and even hair loss. This was horrible, and because she had no idea why she was feeling this way, it made it that much worse.

Fortunately for Mrs. Summers, the next refill was back to the correct medication, and she made a good recovery. However, this took a major toll on her mental health, and she wanted to make sure the pharmacy was held accountable so that this mistake won’t happen again – to her or to anyone else.

The Eisen Law firm was hired to help Mrs. Summers with her pharmacy negligence case. Todd Gurney was the lead attorney. Mr. Gurney was able to convince the pharmacy to admit liability, but coming to a settlement agreement required much skill. The national pharmacy organization thought they could make a low-ball offer and Mrs. Summers would just go away.

However, The Eisen Law Firm does not back down or get intimidated by large organizations. We thoroughly work up every negligence case and fight for the correct and fair settlements our clients deserve, as we did here.

When the pharmacy refused to offer full and fair compensation, The Eisen Law Firm filed suit. After a few months of litigation, the case went to mediation and a favorable and confidential settlement was reached.