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Pulmonary Embolism – Negligence Results in Death

A Confidential Settlement was Reached

Mr. R had a remote history of blood clots in his legs and a serious neurodegenerative disease. After a flare-up of his neurodegenerative disease left him with reduced mobility, Mr. R was sent to a rehabilitation facility. While there, he received aggressive physical therapy but did not receive any anticoagulation medication to prevent the formation of blood clots. Mr. R was discharged from the facility, only to collapse within an hour at his home.

The coroner initially concluded that the cause of death was probable pulmonary embolism (“PE”). More than a year later, while the case was in full-blown litigation, the coroner changed the cause of death to one that was less incriminating for the defendant physician and hospital. The Eisen Law Firm then retained the world’s leading authority on forensic clinical diagnosis of pulmonary embolism to combat the coroner’s change of course. The case settled on the courthouse steps.