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Medical Professionals Fail to Recognize that Heparin Drip Causes Brain Bleed in Elderly Man

Confidential Seven-Figure Settlement Reached for Permanent Brain Injury and Severe Disabilities

Mr. S was admitted to the hospital for rehabilitative and physical therapy following surgery. While under the guidance of a Physical Therapist, he fell and hit his head on the floor. Fortunately, he did not suffer a significant injury. A few days later, Mr. S developed a blood clot in his arm and required Heparin treatment. Because of his recent fall, however, Mr. S was at increased risk of suffering a brain bleed from the Heparin treatment. Accordingly, the hospital staff was ordered to monitor him closely while he received Heparin.

When Mr. S developed a severe headache – a sign of a brain bleed – the Heparin should have been stopped immediately. Unfortunately, there was a delay of several hours, which caused a permanent brain injury and severe impairments and disabilities. As a result, Mr. S was confined to a wheelchair and had to move into a nursing home. Shortly after The Eisen Law Firm filed suit, a confidential,seven-figure settlement was reached.