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Failure to Resuscitate – Medical Negligence Results in Death of a Baby.

Confidential settlement was reached

Jessica R. was 28 weeks pregnant when she presented to a local hospital with severe abdominal pain. She was evaluated and diagnosed with pancreatitis, and she was admitted to an intensive care unit. Pancreatitis is known to cause premature labor, and Jessica began to complain of contractions in ICU. The ICU staff did not take her complaints seriously and attributed the pain to the pancreatitis. Nothing was done to slow or stop the labor. Ultimately, the baby was born and needed to be resuscitated.

Unfortunately, the adult ICU did not have the equipment necessary to resuscitate the baby. By the time the equipment arrived, the baby had suffered significant brain damaged. She lived for almost two months before succumbing to her injuries.

This case was handled jointly with another top-notch firm that requested The Eisen Law Firm’s assistance. Together, we achieved a settlement that included the implementation of new patient safety measures to ensure the hospital’s mistake would not be repeated.