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Hospital Error – Managing Coumadin Results in Brain Bleed and Stroke

A Confidential Settlement was Reached

Herman S. was an active 77 year-old man, who fainted while running on a treadmill. He hit his head and suffered a small brain bleed. Because of this, his doctors decided to stop his blood thinning medication, Coumadin. A year later, Herman had chest pain and went to the hospital. Doctors determined that he had several small blood clots in his lungs. They decided to put him back on blood thinners and specifically noted that it was important to make sure that his blood did not become too thin (or “over-anticoagulated”). On the day he was discharged, the hospital did a lab test that showed that Herman’s blood was too thin. Unfortunately, the doctors failed to read the test results and Herman was sent home. Predictably, he suffered a very large brain bleed, which resulted in a stroke and permanent impairment.

Armed with irrefutable proof from the medical records, The Eisen Law Firm negotiated a settlement that included damages for both the costs of future care and anticipatory damages for Herman’s future wrongful death.