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A Neurosurgeon’s Negligence, Causes Injury to a Patients Spinal Cord, Resulting in Paraplegia

Marvin H. was a 45 year-old man who suffered from chronic pain in his mid-back. A neurosurgeon performed a procedure on him called a “thoracic laminectomy.” According to the medical records and the neurosurgeon’s testimony, everything went perfectly in the operation. The only problem is that Marvin woke up unable to move his legs. After being turned down by several attorneys in his home state (a southern coastal state), Marvin called The Eisen Law Firm.

The Eisen Law Firm accepted the case and ended up taking on three defense neurosurgeons, a neuroradiologist, and a neuroanesthetist, all from top-notch academic medical centers. Working closely with our own experts, we discovered that Marvin’s neurosurgeon used the wrong instrument in a critical part of the procedure and bruised Marvin’s spinal cord.

We also suspected that the description of the operation in the operative report was “too good to be true.” So, we sought to obtain operative reports from the surgeon’s other patients. This sparked a fight that went all the way up to the state supreme court. Once the highest court in the state rejected the surgeon’s appeal, we got the key documents. The case then was resolved, days before a three-week trial was set to begin.