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Compartment Syndrome – Permanent Injury to Hand and Fingers in Four-Year-Old Girl

Confidential settlement was reached

Caroline was four years old when she fell off of her bed and broke her arm. Her mother took her to the hospital, where an orthopedic surgeon reset Caroline’s arm and put it in a cast. About a week later, Caroline’s mother noticed that Caroline wasn’t able to move her fingers. She made several calls to the surgeon’s office, and the surgeon’s nurse repeatedly assured her that everything would be fine.

But everything was not fine. Caroline’s ability to move her fingers never returned. After various neurological tests had been performed, the surgeon eventually diagnosed Caroline with “compartment syndrome,” a condition that can result when a cast is put on too tightly. This orthopedic error could have been avoided.

The Eisen Law Firm retained one of the top orthopedic surgeons in the country to review Caroline’s medical records. He determined that the surgeon should have made the diagnosis of compartment syndrome much earlier. He also determined that an earlier diagnosis – and earlier treatment – would have resulted in a much better outcome for Caroline.

A confidential settlement was reached pre-suit.