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Brain Injury - Mother’s Uterus Ruptures During Labor Resulting in Cerebral Palsy

$8,000,000.00 settlement was reached

James was delivered by Cesarean section after his mother’s uterus ruptured during labor. He was limp, blue, and not breathing. When the hospital’s “Code Pink” team could not resuscitate James, a pediatrician was summoned. By the time the pediatrician arrived, however, James had sustained permanent brain damage, ultimately resulting in cerebral palsy. The Eisen Law Firm filed suit, claiming that the obstetrician overlooked fetal monitoring strips that showed fetal distress before the uterine rupture occurred, and that the hospital failed to call the pediatrician promptly.

The Eisen Law Firm assembled a highly-qualified team of experts in almost a dozen different medical specialties from around the country in order to prove that James’ injuries were the direct result negligence. Ultimately, the defense agreed to settle the case rather than face The Eisen Law Firm and its team of experts in the courtroom.