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Anesthesia Errors In Birth And Delivery

You don’t need to tell any mother: childbirth is an incredibly painful process. Medical professionals use anesthesia to assist mothers with stress on their bodies during the labor and delivery process. When administered correctly, anesthesia can allow a mother to comfortably deliver her baby. However, when anesthesia errors occur during labor and delivery, severe harm may come to the mother and child.

The two main types of pain-relieving drugs during childbirth are analgesics and anesthetics, which are given to the mother through either an epidural injection or spinal block. Though the two terms for medication types are often used interchangeably, it is important to know the differences. Analgesics refer to drugs that numb pain without a total loss of feeling. Anesthetics are drugs that dull or remove all sensation and feeling from an indicated area of the body.

Errors During Epidural Administration

The most common mistakes with epidural administration involve insertion technique and dosage.

Risk Factors With Anesthesia/Analgesia

During childbirth, pain-relieving drugs may be administered via an epidural, a spinal block, or a combination of both routes. An epidural is a method of administering anesthesia that numbs the lower half of the mother’s body to block pain. It is injected directly into the space around the spinal cord. A single injection of anesthetics into the epidural space is not sufficient to last for the entire labor and delivery. To prevent the medication from wearing off, the anesthesiologist inserts a special type of needle that stays in the mother’s back and is attached to a catheter or drip device in order to provide additional doses of medication as needed. This method of pain control has risks to both mom and baby.

Risks to Mother

Risks To Baby

Pre-Existing Conditions

Your medical history should be discussed with your anesthesiologist to understand what drugs should be administered during childbirth. Pre-existing conditions may cause adverse outcomes of epidural anesthesia. Certain medical conditions or allergies can increase your risk of complications, such as:

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