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Vacuum Extraction



Ohio Birth Injury Lawyer: Vacuum Extraction Complications

In some cases, obstetricians use vacuum extractors to guide an infant through the birth canal. When they make mistakes, complications from vacuum extraction deliveries can result in brain bleeding, shoulder damage, paralysis, and skull fractures in newborn babies. Read More
Todd Gurney Honered as a Difference Maker in Cleveland



Attorney Todd Gurney Honored as a Difference Maker in Cleveland

Attorney Todd Gurney Honored as a Difference Maker in Cleveland For the past eight years, Cleveland Jewish News (CJN) has selected individuals to honor as “Difference Makers” in the community. Todd Gurney, a partner at The Eisen Law Firm, is proud to be part of the 2022 Difference Maker class....
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Will The New Ohio Supreme Court Force Victims of Medical Negligence to Sue More Doctors Personally?

There is a new ideological majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. This Court soon will decide a key medical negligence case, which may cause more doctors to be sued personally. Republican candidates won all three races for the Ohio Supreme Court, including the race for chief justice. Justice Pat DeWine...